The British millionaire left a profitable business for the sake of a football club

Recently Leonard suddenly stated that he was leaving the company he founded 7 years ago – Bitbsting. Patrick’s brainchild is a combination of a backing fund and a coaching school for pokerists. Leonard will no longer do the Bitbsting affairs directly, however, he assured that he would gladly help his former partners, if necessary.

But the time that Patrick will now spend on his daily row! He founded the club "Newcastle Independent" And recently presented his logo:

Leonard club starts in the lowest division of the English football hierarchy, however, the plans of the pokerist as ambitious as possible. That, after all, is not surprising for a man who only won in poker online tournaments almost $ 12 million! Besides, Patrick has a good example.

Tony Bloom (right) is the owner "Brighton"

Tony Bloom is also a professional poker and businessman. In 2009 he bought "Brighton" and literally lifted from his knees a club that was close to the loss of professional status. Under the guidance of Bloom "Brighton" He moved to the new stadium, returned to the elite of English football and for the fourth consecutive season will start at the Premier League.