Poker School: Game Styles

Yes, despite the fact that the details in the strategies of literally each individual player can be a lot, there are four basic styles of playing poker: taitic-aggressive, scaffolding-aggressive, taitic, passive, scaffold.

Laze or louser

The first word in each of the styles of the game describes how many hands and what quality play the poker.

Titic player – playes little hands and, for the most part, tries to play with good cards that have a high chance of winning.

Luz player – often enters a game with a very wide range of hands. Tries to play a large number of banks, despite the power of their starting cards.

Aggressive or passive

The second word in the description of poker styles indicates how the player is betting on all rounds of trade.

Aggressive player – frequently bets, and rearranges its opponents, thereby provoking many active actions at the table.

Passive player – inclined to play your hands through the “check/when”. Seldom itself is betting or rearranging rivals.

At the intersection of these concepts, we get the main poker styles:

Taitic-aggressive (reliable) – Basic style for those who take the first steps in the poker. At the same time, often used by professionals. Such a player only plays premium hands (AA, CC, 1010, AK…), but does it as aggressive as possible. That is, puts a lot of ponds to get a maximum of dividends from the power of one’s hand.

Luzovo-aggressive (Maniak) – The player makes a lot of ponds, often moves his opponents, without paying attention to his own cards. Many bluff. This style can be very profitable, but only if it is used by an experienced player who knows what he wants to achieve every course. For newcomers to use a scaffold-aggressive style usually ends with a losing.

Taitic passive (rock) – The player is playing little hands. And even when gets good cards tries to behave as carefully as possible. Often throws even strong hands if there is a risk of losing a lot.

Pacifier (Auto-answer) – The player often enters a wide range of hands, however, makes it mostly circles. The same is behaving on other streets. It rarely manages to get out of the game, however, such a poker loses a lot of banks on the shower.

Most professionals agree that both passive game styles cannot be profitable. Therefore, the best approach to poker lies in a skillful balancing between taitic-aggressive and lousal-aggressive styles.