What New Year’s promises gave themselves Negrean, Helmut, Manimier and Other Poker

What can pourists dream about? In most cases, each of them wants to win as much as possible. However, not all New Year’s promises of popular players consist solely of poker desires.

Example, Daniel Negrean He promised to improve his results in the New Year in the new year in the Alll-in, as well as to remove the Christmas tree that stands in the house since November 2021. As for poker then last year turned out to be successful for a Canadian. In October, he won the Super High Rolller Bowl tournament with a prize of $ 3,312,000.

Daniel Negrean / PHT photo.com

But at the end of the year "Kid Poker" suffered a number of annoying Bed bits. In December at the WPT World Championship tournament, an opponent knocked Negrean, catching one of two Auts against his Ful Hous on River. After that, Canadian decided that he urgently needed an additional aura in the Alll-in.

One of those players who wants to gain even more fame in 2023, it is undoubtedly, Phil Helmut. The status of the record holder by the number of won wsop bracelets lets him dream of new records.

Here are a few goals written on a piece of paper in my bathroom: spend time with family, chat with friends, win 3 more WSOP bracelets and 2 WPT tournaments", Helmut wrote in Twitter.

Noble goals set himself Chris Manimier. 2003 World Champion wants to launch an offline series of poker and during each stage to arrange charitable measures for animal shelter. Also winner Main Event WSOP plans to open another poker club in Lexington.

Chris Manimier with Family / Photo with Twitter CMoneymaker

And here is the best player in the world series of poker 2021 Josh Arye, looks like seriously thought of getting married. The owner of three WSOP bracelets reported that important events will become important in his life.

I have several goals. The main one is to take the best form in your life. Since I will be 50 years old in 2024 I plan to get married. In recent years, my life is really getting better", – Jesh Arye admitted.

Dan "Jungleman" Kates spoke in his style. Instead of priority tasks related to Naker ("Janglman" twice in a row won tournament on WSOP for $ 50,000) he set himself other goals.

In 2023, Dan Kates will try to suppress his excessive sexual desire, take the fourth note on the flute and convince Eisek Hexton of the existence of divine providence.

Where the targets look simpler Jonathan Van Flit. Well-known poterist and author of several MTT game books promised to do all things on time and visit the gym at least three times a week. If he breaks this rule then will send $ 200 to charity every week.