The American poterist earned $ 150,000

Aisek became the champion of the HRW 14 Short Deck High Rolller tournament. The poker rich for entry into the competition paid $ 10.3 thousand. 34 By-ins guaranteed a considerable prize fund-340 thousand "Bucks".

Only five participants got into the payment zone. Hexton, on the rights of one of the favorites, quite quickly captured leadership. Subsequently, the American “took the pause”: a little lost the advantage, but the earned stack still allowed Aisec "to survive" to the final table.

At the decisive stage of the tournament Hexton showed class. He had the patience to wait for the moment when Amikhai Beerr knocked out Stoyan Madangiyev. Bulgarian finished third and earned $ 57,000.

So in the final hedz-apei Hexton was opposed by baker. The American was able to defeat the pocket aces of the opponent and this distribution became a turning point. Aisec captured leadership and eventually became champion. Canadian for second place received almost $ 91 thousand. Hexton earned 153 thousand "Green".

Note that Izek Hexton is one of the most successful pokerists. For his career, he has already earned $ 27.6 million in prize in live tournaments. This is the sixteenth best result in the history of the game.