How not to get bored on quarantine: 10 steep films about poker and not just

Demoration classic. By many versions is the best poker movie, ever shot. Even if you have seen it, boldly look again. For over 20 years of relevance he has not lost. Acting Game of Edward Norton, the goal of Damon and John Malkovich is something you can look at forever.

2008 movie based on best -seller Ben Mezrich "Bringing Down The House". The tape is based on real events and tells about the students of the technology institute who won millions of dollars in Las Vegas, thanks to their mathematical abilities.

Mississippi Grind (Mississippi Grind)

2015 tape with Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelson in the lead roles. Not least thanks to the brilliant game of both, the film received very approving reviews from critics. He talks about two players who went on a journey to gather a bankrol and speak at a large poker tournament in New Orleans.

Win everything (Win it all)

2017 comedy, tells of the failure of Eddie Gareth, who needs to win a considerable amount in poker in order to repay his debt to the criminal that is about to get out of prison.

Fatal Eight (Hard Eight)

1996 criminal drama with very young Gwyvineth Paltrou and Samuel L. Jackson. Tells about the path of the player with the experience of Sidney, and the guy who became him almost a son. Tape, though not raising a lot of money in the box office, and was approved by critics.

Agile hands (shade)

2003 thriller. Sylvester becomes the role of poker-pro-this is, of course, deserves. And although some hands are played in the movie, very clearly demonstrate that its creators did not consult with real professionals, the tape is still a chance, at least not a bad cast.

Atlantic City (Atlantic City)

The oldest in our list of movie. In 1980 Criminal Melodrama with Susan Serendon and Bert Lancaster, tells the story of a young waitress who dreams of becoming a dealer in casino. The film has received several Oscar nominations and many awards, including "Golden Lion" Venice Film Festival.

Cooler (The Cooler)

The romantic story of 2003, directed by Wayna Kramer. The tape tells of Bernie Lutz’s fail.

Vacation Vacation (Vegas Vacation)

1997 comedy with the famous comedian Cheiz in the lead role. The film does not claim the title of cinema of the masterpiece, however it is an easy family comedy. Quarantine is just that.

Casino Royal (Casino Royale)

James Bond himself at a poker table that can be steeper? The movie boasts one of the most recognizable poker scenes in cinema history. Let the quality of the game itself in the poker performed.