Famous Hiroler and his girlfriend robbed at the airport

While waiting for a flight at Istanbul Airport, Timothy "Trueteller" Kuznetsov and his girlfriend Daria Feshchenko became victims of robbers in uniform. When a loving couple discovered a bag of bags with documents and a amount of $ 10,000, they immediately canceled the departure and turned to the guards.

What was their surprise when "Services" looked at CCTV cameras and did not find criminals on them! Without listening to the pokerists, the guards recommended that they contact the local police department and write a disappearance statement.

But Trteller is able to solve problems not only at poker tables, even when it comes to such "insignificant" For him the sum.

Timothy "Trueteller" Kuznetsov. Photo: Poker Central

Hayroler made only one phone call and the problem was solved! It turned out that airport staff acted in plot with the thieves. The missing things have already returned to the owners, but the money among them, of course, was not found.

On his Instagram page, Darya states that they will definitely bring the case to a close and bring to clean water the whole group of fraudsters.