How much does a professional poker on WSOP spending: an example of Daniel Negrean

Daniel Negrean’s speech in the world series of poker seemed failed. There were no loud finals and great victories, respectively, the number of won bracelets remains unchanged. Negrean was especially upset that for the first time in many years he did not participate in the rank for the title "The player of the year".

In his video blog Daniel posted the cost of WSOP. It turned out that the world series of poker ended for him with a negative result – 1 100,000 dollars. In total, Negrean has issued 12 ITM on WSOP but most of them were with minimal payments. For the first time since 2011 he failed to go out at the final table in a live tournament. And Daniel’s best result showed online, where he took 5th place in the event with Bay-in 7777 and won 88 081 dollars.

Daniel Negrean / WSOP

Failure pursued Daniel Negrean throughout the series. Super High Roller tournament with Bay-in $ 250,000 became the most fork. In it "Kid Poker" desperately made 2 entrances but did not get into prizes. After departing from the tournament even gave freedom to emotions.

We all know that it is a poker in which there are no guarantees. I believe that with every time I play on wsoop better and better, – summed up his lean Negrean.

Like many professional players, Daniel Negrean sold the fate of his bay-in before starting a world series of poker. Of course, the investment was not profitable, but as the Negrean calculated, anyone who has invested $ 100 in it will get about 40.

Daniel Negrean / Photo PokerNews

If it wasn’t for the Super High Rolller tournament then Negrean would complete the series practically "In zero". Actually the number of his ITM in the series indicates that Daniel is in a good game form. Daniel Negrean’s cash prizes in the world series of poker 2022: