Roma coach forbade Totti to play poker: it all ended with a fight

A loud conflict took place in 2016. Before the important match of the Italy’s Championship against "Atlants" Totti, along with other leaders of the team Pyanich, Manolas and Nagolan, played poker (Francesco’s passion for this game is widely known, earlier Emperor Rome even participated in a charity tournament). Everything would be okay but the game was delayed for the midnight. And it was terribly disliked. It turned out that the trainer was chatting for players from outside.

"Roma" lost "Atlanta" 2: 3. Totti played cool: in his asset goal and an effective pass. But it did not save the captain from the anger of the mentor:

Enough! You pretend to be a leader, and you are playing cards late. And this is despite my prohibition. From me! You have to go!

Spaletti screaming, Totti did not restrain. The fight broke out. In the end, only the players were able to stretch them.

Luciano wanted to survive Francesco from the team. And finally left the capital of Italy it was the trainer. Totti even after completing the player’s career left to work in "Romi" Director. And only in 2019 he left the club who served almost 30 years.