Neymar in pursuit of poker glory: PSG player spent 100,000 euros to participate in tournament

The Superherolery Tournament attracted the attention of 63 players who dispersed the prize fund to an incredible figure – 6 112 260 euros. The audience was looking forward to broadcasting the final table, but first of all the players needed to decide who would divide the huge bush.

According to the results of the first day, the top 5 chipkunta was known Hirolers-Nick Petrandzhelo, Arthur Martirosyan, Daniel Dvosses, David Peters and Nikita Bodyakovsky. Decently looked and most starry "Not a pointer" Neymar that is located on 9 row.

Tournament participants are photographed with neumar / PhokerNews photo

During the second day, registration remained open and 16 repeated entrances were recorded by the end of the tournament. Additionally "Donated" 100,000 euro Michael Addama, did not regret money and Neymar. The Brazilian lasted even longer in the tournament than the formidable Australian, but also left the competition with nothing. Among all the leaders of the first day of the tournament at the final table, only two made it – Petrandzhelo and Bodyakovsky. Both were with the shortest stacks (7 and 19 BB respectively).

The Belarusian athlete immediately was in the spotlight. Already in the first distribution of Nikita Bodyakovsky won the triple hal-in QQ against AJ Nika Petrandzhelo and Ak Melder’s tuna. Petrandgelo first left the final table. After a few more handling, Belarus made a wonderful Hiro-Colus against Mike Watson and became Chiplider. Nikiti spent 2 Taimbank cards to make a count on the whole stack with a second couple.

Nikita Bodyakovsky / Photo PokerNews

At the final table, Bodyakovsky played with a bandage on his hand in national colors of Ukraine. Maybe she became his main talisman this evening. Belarussian made his way to hedz-app where his opponent became experienced Eric Sideel. Their desperate battle lasted about 3 hours.

Despite the great advantage of Nikita at the beginning of a duel, leadership has changed several times, and at some point in Belarus was only 13 BB left. The key was to put up when Three Bodyakovsky was resisted A5O, And in the final distribution, Sidel launched 11 BB with pocket ladies, but failed to beat A4S.

Nikita Bodyakovsky with Trophy Erte / Photo PokerNews

Nikita Bodyakovsky wins the tournament for 100,000 euros in Barcelona for the second time. In 2018 he earned 1 650 300 euros, this year the prize for 1 place was 1 979 220 euros. 62-year-old Eric Sideel also got a very decent amount- 1 285 490 euros.