Date with a model, free lunch and a bunch of money: the most original actions in poker history

Poker Share has decided to come out original to the world series poker-2006. They attracted to the main event of the monkey nickname Mike. The animal was taught only one important effect – to put all the chips in the center of the table.

The players rebelled. To fly at the hands of such a rival no one wanted to. Most interesting that the monkey really had the right to play in this tournament. In the rules of poker, only people can participate in living events anywhere.

"Lovers" energy

After 2 years in the world series of poker marketing move was staged by a drinking company. 100,000 bottles of energy and 300,000 bottles of water were drunk in the series tournaments. The thing is that beverages announced Frrol for $ 500,000 among their customers. WSOP participants eagerly bought their products. As a result of the winner of this freerol got $ 107,000 and a ticket to Main Event.

You want to eat – wins

Another marketing action conducted a popular Rum together with a restaurant. Visitors to the establishment were offered to play 3 handouts. Depending on their result, the player could get lunch free. The action was held on the occasion of a large international series.

Lunch Winner / Photo Pokeroff

A million is free

In 2005, Ruma was ready to go desperate steps to attract new players. For example, Paradise Poker decided to spend Frrol with a prize fund of $ 1,00,000. The winner took a million, the rest of the players at the final table shared $ 100,000. All were satisfied with such a generous action.

On a date with model

Bombshell Poker Power-Rum posted a list of models that allegedly played on the site. As an action, players were asked to win correspondence with them or a real date. True, Rum lasted for a long time and none of the players on a date with girls never went down.

Frrol for Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton previously liked to play poker. Rumored that she lost even Bentley worth $ 200,000. And then one Rum suggested to play freerol for that amount against Mike Secton. Then the match happened or was only an attempt to attract attention, not reported. It is well known that Paris Hilton played several WPT series in her poker career.

Paris Hilton / Photo PokerNews

Grab money and run away

In 2014, the organizers of the world series of poker decided to open their own festival loudly. Players from the air fell $ 10,000. It was a real cache rap-a concept in king when the prize falls at any moment. Perhaps one of the guests did not even expect to participate in the tournament, but not badly rich.