World Champion told how to play the tournaments with Rebai properly

Modern poker, first of all his online version, offers a tournament players a lot of options to stay in the game as long as possible. 2004 World Champion Greg Reimer gave some valuable tips on playing tournaments with Rebai.

A clear algorithm that will allow rationally to use your bankrol in such tournaments, of course not. After all, different poker of Ruma on different limits offer a non -structure in the event of this format. However, there are usually several standards on which Greg Reimer shares his knowledge.

We take the tournament with Rebays for $ 10+$ 1, where the start stack is 15,000 chips. Rebi would usually cost 10 dollars for which the player will receive the equivalent of the starting stack. However, it can add 15k to an existing one at any time if its size is smaller than the initial number of chips.

ADD-AB, or the last repayment after the end of the Rebue period will usually be 3.5-4 times more significant than the starting stack. But its value can be the same as a rebel, or x2 from the price of standard charge.

Greg Reimer. Photo:

Imagine the player made 2 records by investing 31 dollars (10+1 – by -in -in and 2 Rebi 10). For this price he got 45,000 chips. Instead, for the same $ 31 could get, say – 65,000 (10+1 – by -in -in and Addon for $ 20 – 50k chips). The conclusion is simple – addon is a profitable investment in most tournaments with rebai with a smooth structure of blinds.

The most important thing in such tournaments, says Reimer, evaluate the cost of a chip of each border. This will allow you to choose the smartest strategy in advance and get the maximum benefit from any tournament with the Rebai, regardless of its structure.