Beginner poker: Towards of tournaments

If you play aggressively and often risk all the stack, you will like tournaments to the regions tournaments. From English – rebuy – another pay. Moreover, as a rule, their quantity, the wounds, is unlimited. Such tournaments capture their dynamism and make it a lot of strategy. At the same time, the ribs can significantly hit the wallet – every subsequent purchase will cost you the size of the starting contribution.

Rebian tournaments. Photo: Poker Match

In the end, after the end of the Rebue period, will have to be spent on Addon (English. Add-on)-complement. Can last increase the size of your stack per sum, usually twice as high as bay-in.


Where more restrained game tactics will have to be chosen in the classic variety of tournament – freezati (English. Freezeout). Here you will not have another chance, you need to permanently build a starting stack. True, there are repeated entrances and they are gaining popularity in Ukraine. But the classical freezut, without pay, remains true, in particular, the world series of poker.

Frisout tournaments. Photo: WSOP

Knock out

But on poker online platforms actively play in tournaments with a knockout system. Where, besides the prize, you get instant reward for knocking out every player. In addition, the bonus can not only be fixed as in the tournaments of knockout. knockout or ko), but also growing, progressive.

Knock tournaments. Photo: Pokerfanatics

In the progress tournaments of knockout (PKO) reward for "head" the opponent fluctuates depending on how actively he knocked out players.