Guinnesse’s Engineer who got to the Guinness Book thanks to poker

For his career, a veteran has earned nearly four million dollars in live tournaments. And he knows the price of every cent. The guy was born in Dublin but grew up in the US. Graduated "Engineering". In specialty, engineer, Phil worked for a long time. But he tried himself as a confiscation, a trader and even a broker with Vhl-Street.

Laaka became a professional porous. In this sport, he was struck by the opportunity to use “higher -level thinking”. Poker Phil loved so much that he has established a unique achievement. He got to "Guinness Books". Laaka without interruption played poker within 115 hours! It’s almost 5 days!

Poker gave a real friend Antonio Esphendsari (nearly $ 28 million for his career) and love – Jennifer Tilly (and a million "Bucks" prize). Poker successes of this bright lady is that. The main area for her is cinematography. Tilly is an actress and screenwriter. Jennifer starred in a series of famous paintings about the doll-killer of Chaki, paintings "Liar, liar", "Heads" and many others. Phil himself, by the way, also tried acting cuisine. However, in his summary only episodic roles.

Jennifer Tilly and Phil Laka. Photo: Pinteres

Also Laaka twice won the TV show. On the channel "NBC" The program was published "Poker After Dark". In two episodes Phil was able to triumph, winning, in particular, and his name Helmut.