Blef expensive cost: The poker lord lost $ 830,000 in one distribution

A new Cash-Igor show appeared on the pokergo platform No Gamble, No Future, which was organized by Jeff Platte and Brent Hanks. In the first season, interesting characters from the world of poker-Eric Person, Garrett Adelstein, Jean-Belland and others gathered at the tables.

In the third episode, the most interesting distribution of the new show took place. Eric Parson and Matt Hanks played the bank $ 830 600. The first known for his scandalous pranks, perhaps that is why Hanks and decided to serious bluff.

Person has made his hand K-k, Hanks decided to defend himself with 10-7o. On board Q-4-7 with two tambourine cards players played Bet-Bet. On Torne Dealer put another tambourine and Hanks decided to play a check-raise by inflating the bank up to $ 268,800. Six on River could potentially expand Hanks’s hand to Ful Hous, but Persson Hall-in did not stop.

Bank 830 600 dollars became a pleasant bonus for the owner of Casino Maverick Gaming, but Hanks was still lucky that half of this amount he was able to play during the show, getting with Fulle House against Trips Alan Kiting.