From the waiter – in millionaires: the story of jacean kuna poker success

Another professional Jason Kun has become part of this story. However, unlike a colleague, he put in a good light.

Bill Perkins who was victim of this fraud stated that Kun is the only one who behaved in this unpleasant situation. Perkins did not reveal the details, however, already Jason Kun has long earned a reputation of a true professional and "a good guy". It does not interfere, or maybe the contrary helps Jason to be one of the most successful pokerists of today.

Jason Kun / Photo: Cardplayer

He is currently ninth in history in the size of prizes won in live tournaments. Jason won for a career for more than $ 30 million. His greatest winnings fell for 2018. Then Kun triumphed in a short deck tournament on Triton Poker series, for which he received over 3.5 million dollars of prizes, beating from other phyli Ivei.

By the way, during the series where not only tournaments but also cache played, Jason Kun set a record. He won the largest bank in the history of television cache Igor-$ 2,090,000. As it happened, you can see here:

Even such success caused Jason only a small smile. Victories for him habitual business. Although it was far from always. The thing is that Kun was born into a poor family and his father was imprisoned for domestic violence. Jason himself became fond of athletics, however, because of the injury, had to quit this class. And even it didn’t break it. He continued his studies, worked as a waiter, and it was at this time that he tried himself in poker who became a business of life. American confesses that poker gives him the opportunity to live the way he really wants.