Amazing facts and records of 2022 in poker

According to The Hendon Mob site, the richest player of the year became Espen Yorsstad. The newly minted world champion has issued the most prize in offline.

In 2022, the Norwegian pokerist won $ 10,529 466. True, almost the entire amount is a prize for winning Main Event WSOP. In his Instagram, Yorsstad confessed if he had not won in the main event of a world series of poker, then the year would end for him in a minus for $ 460,000.

Espen Yorsstad / Photo PokerNews

Appearance in the final reports on the popular site of Taiwan player Chiayun She became an interesting surprise. Little -known pokerist won the rank of record holder of the year by the number of ITM. In offline tournaments he got in prizes 166 times.

According to statistics, Wu got into cache every two days in the same poker club Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Club in Taipei. Played Taiwanese lover mostly tournaments for $ 100 or $ 200. Other poterists who were included in the record holders of this category were on the list in the same way: they had to visit poker clubs almost every day, playing inexpensive tournaments.

Wu Chiaun / photo

Achievement of a professional Sean Diba Is a sign of the highest skill. American most often got to ITM in the most prestigious series of the year WSOP. The ranking took into account the bracelet events of the world series of poker in Las Vegas and Rozvadov. Sean got into prizes 22 times.

Despite stable results, the American Bracelet player in 2022 never won. The total amount of the SOAN DIBA prizes on WSOP was over $ 1,500,000, although the poterist himself remained dissatisfied with his result.

Ori Hasson / Photo PokerNews

Interesting achievement last year obeyed an Israeli player Hasson’s Ori. He has made ITM in 12 -around the world tournaments. Ori conquered almost all of Europe: he managed to distinguish himself in the Czech Republic, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Montenegro, England, Italy, Monaco, Malta, Slovakia and Romania.

At the end of the year, Hason also visited the US. The total win was not as great as the days, but this player was as entered in the history of poker in 2022.