A person with a disability was kicked out of casino in Las Vegas: all through quarantine

Over the ocean broke out a fairly loud scandal. A disabled guy named Cullen arrived at the poker tournament to the capital of entertainment. Introduced the necessary bay-in, received a player card and even played a few distribution … And then the casino management confiscated all the chips, closed his table and disqualified Kullen.

At the time of the pandemic in the United States is a rule "One box is one player". The guy is not able to play alone, so he was with his guardian, which is not by the rules. Cullen refused to leave the table, then the security threatened him call the police and even sue.

Note that most people in forums and social networks supported a guy. More than, heard calls to boycot "Venetian". Casino leadership insists that they had no choice and managers acted clearly under the letter of the law.

Lawyers emphasize that if the case really comes to court, Femidi will have to deal with a real legal collapse: because managers "Venetian" and actually acted as part of the law, but all this situation is entirely subject to a deadline "violation of the rights of people with disabilities".